Highly Enjoyable Experience

My fiancee and I lead hectic lifestyles, so on many nights during our house search, we didn’t even get around to reviewing listings until 10 or 11 at night. Much to our surprise, even if we fired off a late-night email inquiring about a particular listing or asking about a house we’d recently visited, Janet always had a reply to us within 15 minutes. When it finally came down to making an offer, Janet prepared a thoughtful, comprehensive strategy that allowed us to put together a winning bid despite several other competing offers. In fact, after the process unfolded, the sellers stated to us directly that they had been so pleased with the ease of the transaction that they turned around and employed a similar strategy to successfully purchase a new home in Seattle, which also had several competing offers. Janet’s knowledge of the housing market, attention to detail, level of preparedness, and passion for her job turned what could have been a stressful process into a highly enjoyable experience. We have already sent one close friend to Janet and can’t wait to do the same with many more.”